Welcome to my Watercolor Gallery!

The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like speech.Vincent van Gogh

Watercolors is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Speaking about myself, I’d been an introvert my whole life unable to express my feelings and thoughts. Watercolors brings life to me and my thoughts. There are days when I go all blank, strokes of paint help me understand myself better and grow everyday. Art has been my all time therapy and a great stress buster. Personally speaking, I have grown beyond my very own expectation, haha.

Colors: Elixir of my life!

A bookmark painted with all the shades of life, depicting all joys and sorrows together in the profound manner. 
Being a nature lover, florals are always on my mind, hence have tried to combine my love for florals and colors in the most joyful manner.  

Fall inspires, doesn’t it?

Everyone is celebrating spring. I mean who would not love to have blooming flowers in their gardens and balconies. 

When people get sick of fall, I feel rejoiced as fall is the time which inspires me. How? Fall teaches us to let things go and cherish the beginning of new lives and new stories. It helps me to grow gratitude and feel content with what I have received and be joyful.

Let’s fly high!

Skies have a tendency to take in all that comes by. Color blue bespeaks of the vastness and depth. 

Looking at this blue sky with pale eyes, I wonder how high can I fly with my wings wide open? And the sky laughs at me; with an ask to keep flying without thinking; to try opening my wings a little bit more with every milestone achieved and to get lost in the vastness because this journey is your true attainment.

Love for Illustrations

A watercolor illustration I painted for a cafe in Patnem, South Goa, India. It now shines bright on their wall and all I get from this are beautiful memories and awesome food. 

Heart full of love!

Flowers my eternal love and a heart full of love is what helps you flourish as a human being with a pure soul and a calm mind.

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