Glimpse to my Decoupage Collection!

What’s Decoupage?

Decoupage art is known by the people since a very long time, Google facts state that it’s known even before the 12th century and was practiced by nomads to decorate the tombs of their deceased. The fundamental practice is to paste the cut outs from several different prints, decorative papers or sheets or even newspaper to decorate the various objects around us.

Decoupage workshop conducted at my favorite art and craft supplies store, i.e. Itsy Bitsy, Delhi, India. It was an amazing day spent with an amazing audience.

Heart shaped wall decor made during the workshop at Itsy Bitsy. It is a MDF decorable which can be easily hanged on wall using hinges.

Chopping Board wall hanging for your creative kitchens embedded with an eternal rose design.

A wall lamp in my bedroom designed well to be lit every night with great pleasure. I feel extremely confident and satisfied by just looking at it; as it makes me believe that creativity can be put at almost everything around us.

Please don’t get distracted by the circular art piece below the lamp; it’s an acrylic pour artwork. Hahah…Yes, I practice that as well.

Some of my personal favorites!

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