Life is all about using the whole box of colors!

About the artist

Hey! Myself Nancy Arora. Welcome to my gallery!

I have always loved colors and felt like buying as many as possible. Apart from colors, I really love nature and felt like having every bit of it around me. I started with drawing simple trees and flowers using wax crayons back in school. Those drawing sheets and a box of colors have always brought a smile to my face.

It was back in 2017, when I bought a couple of basic art supplies and started my art journey once again. I have literary surfed uncountable video tutorials and have read numerous theoretical art lessons. I tried watercolors and have failed multiple times. Trust me this has happened even to me. You’ll have to rise and fall to reach a state where you can stand yourself out with your own creative mindset. Every well-established artist was once an amateur!

Over the course of time, I have seen my lows and highs, being an introvert, it was really tough for me to share my work with you all. But without thinking much, I started creating, painting and learning as well at my own pace. Eventually, I decided to share my work with larger audience.

Over the span of time, I have started enjoying art and have found my peace in it. It’s no more just art for me, it’s my heart and soul rather. And , of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you and your love for my work. I am grateful to have such an amazing audience and blessed to have your lovely wishes.

I have put together couple of my artworks here by the name of “Artwork by Nancy“. I would encourage you all to have a glimpse and leave a comment.

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